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Telling a good story in any medium

For as far back as I can remember, I've been a storyteller. It was only natural that I chose to make writing central to my life.

Through a career as a communications director and manager, web content developer, blogger, freelance writer, newspaper reporter and photographer, my goal has always been to tell the story. To get to the heart of the matter, to tell it truthfully, accurately and engagingly, illustrate it meaningfully and wrap it all up in an attractive package.

While my roots are in print, I love the flexibility to tell and illustrate stories that comes with web design and developing, and I love analyzing everything involved in the process, from UX, IA and accessibility, through user testing and website launches.

I've written for nonprofits, businesses and schools—independent, public and Montessori—the arts, travel, skiing, sports in general, history and a wide variety of other subjects.

I tell stories of all lengths, from long-form articles to taglines and advertising copy.

I love the added ability to promote the organizations for which I work through social media, and I find that social media also provides me with additional outlets for creative expression.

The joy of writing is in meeting new people, learning new things—often things I didn't imagine exist—and crafting the story to the best of my ability, seeing the angle, finding the right words and putting them in the proper order. Words are my life. For more information, or for a detailed resume, please contact me at